A busy time ahead!

Happy New Year to you all, I can not believe it is 2016 already.  It is going to be an exciting year ahead with the opening of Little Earth.  Sat here, I can not quite believe I am looking at daffodils that are about to flower, I was hoping for some snow in January!

Before Christmas, Ofsted came out to register Little Earth and to check everything is in place, thankfully all the hard work payed off and I am now officially registered and have the green light to open in April.  It was not as scary as I had anticipated and it was a ‘good’ experience, phew!

The work now begins to get Little Earth ready for opening in April.  Over the christmas holidays my own children have been putting the ‘garden’ to the test.  The mud kitchen has proved to be very popular, I have had some wonderful mud soups served up in the ‘Little Earth cafe’.  I was even lucky enough to be given a homemade cornflake mud cake,iced beautifully with grass and a worm for decoration, it was delicious!


Children that have come to visit have had lots of fun exploring and investigatingIMG_1764.  The garden seems to have a calming effect on the children and even myself.



IMG_1752I always come in from Little Earth feeling re energised and positive. Please click on the links below for some interesting reading.




This term I will be busy finishing off and sending out the welcome packs. Included in the pack will be an ‘All about Mummy and Daddy’ form, I am looking forward to receiving these forms back and getting to know the parents as well as the children.  I promise there are no cheeky questions!!!

The Little Earth garden is very nearly finished, the nature pond has been put in which is exciting. I am hoping we can have some tadpoles for the spring.  Guy, who has been doing all the work for me has made a frame to go around the pond to keep the children safe which is perfect.  I am looking forward to the learning that we will hopefully get from this feature.

Next time I blog I am hoping to show you the uniform for the childreIMG_1396n, which is very sweet.  Also, the ‘Little Earth’ hut should be full of furniture and exciting learning opportunities for your children.  It is going to be a tricky task getting it right but I am up for the challenge, watch this space…….


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